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About: Katherin B. Fitzpatrick

Katherin B. FitzPatrick

Author/ Writer

View of the Golden Gate Bridge as it appeared the night of my story.

Katherin B. FitzPatrick, or "Kathie--has been a professional writer since high school days up until the present. A former TV Producer, writer, and on-camera talent during the years the family lived in California, Kathie has spent most of her adult life in creative and artistic endeavors. "It seemed like the entire family was working in televsion in those days...even our kids were actors!" In the 1990's the family moved from California to Washington. Kathie did a little TV Producing there, but went into Real Estate work full time in 1994.

The first book to come out around that time frame was EXTREME TEEN RESCUE, the manual for THE YOUNG LION'S YOUTH MINISTRY PROGRAM, and is a book for those wishing to present dynamic ministry in the youth detention setting. The book can be obtained on-line at

In 2007, Kathie came out with the book, ANGEL PROMISES...REMEMBERING THE YOUNGEST FIREFIGHTER, which was a compilation of writings centering around the life of her daughter, Karen Lee FitzPatrick, 18 years old, and the youngest teen firefighter to perish while battling the flames of the now historic Thirtymile Fire of 7-10-01 which occurred in the North Cascades of Washington State. This is a highly inspirational book, and also includes a string of supernatural stories which happend before, during and after the fatal forest fire which claimed the lives of four young firefighters that day under highly controversial cirumstances still debated until the present day. ANGEL PROMISES can be ordered through any bookstore or online at: Books. This title is transitioning to Trusted Books a division of Deep River Books Publishing. Standby for more updated information in the near future. For now, use this link at Barnes and Nobel:

The book, "Whatever happened to the Zodiac Killer?" is available here!

Or see "Katherin's Books."

Enjoy the video trailer to the book on youtube:

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